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Moma Restaurant is the new modern face of Bulgarian restaurants. Its concept combines a delightful culinary experience with authentic recipes which remind us of times past and bring us back to our roots, and a modern interior blending the beauty and purity of the Bulgarian maidens of yore, represented by the designer through various visual symbols, photos, fabrics and decors.

The interior design of each dining hall of Moma Restaurant conveys a message related to the culture and traditions of maidens and young women in Bulgaria.

themed rooms
outdoor restaurant seats

Located in the central parts of Sofia

Moma Restaurant is located in the central parts of Sofia, at 28 Solunska Street. It is housed in a building dating back to the 1930s, with three floors and a cosy back garden. The capacity of the first floor is 45 seats divided in 3 thematic dining halls called ‘Clay’, ‘Fabric’ and ‘Wool’. The second floor seats 75 people, with 5 thematic halls called ‘Granary’, ‘Honeydew’, ‘Rose Pickers’, ‘Lazarus Day Lasses’ and ‘Maiden Rug’. The third floor seats 20 people. The lovely garden seats about 60 people.

The interior design and the cuisine combine the old and the new; the traditional furnishing of Bulgarian homes is reintegrated and reinterpreted by the creative decisions of the designer.

Local authentic cuisine

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine with an original touch

The dishes are served with specially selected wines with an emphasis on white and red varieties of grape typical of the Bulgarian wine production.

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