Selected traditional menu for two


Shopska salad

Tomato, cucumber, roasted pepper, onions, cheese and chilly pepper, seasoned with parsley oil

Five traditional Bulgarian appetizers

/home-made, according to old recipes/

  • Lightly spiced appetizer from Sofia region /aubergine, sheep’s cheese, egg, garlic, chilly pepper and parsley/
  • Bulgarian appetizer from the Velingrad region /cottage cheese, sheep’s cheese, garlic, paprika, onion, cumin, and dill/
  • From the Black Sea coast: “Tarama” caviar
  • Home-made lyutenitsa /peppers and tomato relish/
  • Kyupoolu /aubergine relish/
shopska salad menu for 2
menu for 2


Peppers burek

/freshly grilled peppers, pane /breaded/ and stuffed with eggs and cheese/

Home-made vegetarian vine leave dolmas

/served with dill and garlic yoghurt dip/

Bulgarian banitsa /home-made pastry/ with spinach and cheese

Main courses:

Our local dish in bread bowl

Chicken and pork fillet, onioin, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and spices

Slow  – roasted beans

Baked stuffed peppers

with minced pork, rice and spices

menu for two people
menu for 2


Sweet banitsa

/home-made pastry/ with Balkan delight

Traditional Bulgarian yoghurt

with unique rose water

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