Moma Restaurant

Discussion “On Women in Interior Design”

Discussion "On Women in Interior Design"

Discussion “On Women in Interior Design” – held at the MoMa restaurant About interior design as creativity and as a business, about the feminine handwriting in the interior, about successful projects and about the difficulties on their way, about professional and personal growth… These were some of the highlights of the discussion “On Women in […]

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The most exciting restaurants in Sofia

нашенска гозба

The most exciting restaurants in Sofia according to BBC travel EXHIBITION OF THE TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER ASYA MISHEVA“Meanwhile, MoMa sticks to tradition, serving its customers with typical Bulgarian salads, barbecue and local dishes. Here you can enjoy culinary delights that you usually expect from Bulgaria. You can check out

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Virtuoso pianist Peter Bence at the MoMa Restaurant

concert of Peter Bence

EXHIBITION OF THE TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER ASYA MISHEVAVirtuoso pianist Peter Bence is a guest at the MoMa Restaurant today. He remained fascinated by the beauty of Bulgarian girls, by the exciting palette of our cuisine and by the richness of our history, which he whispers in even the smallest detail in the house with roses on […]

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Presentation of a collection of Bulgarian cookbooks

Български готварски книги представяне в МоМа 4

Over the past 10 years, Marin Lesev from Gabrovo has been collecting pieces of history, creating day after day a remarkable collection of Bulgarian cookbooks – the “Kitchen” collection. Today, it counts over 1230 pieces and is a contender for inclusion in the “Balkan Book of Records”, and MoMa Restaurant is the first place where […]

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An exhibition of paintings by Ralitsa Dencheva

Изложба на Ралица Денчева 4

EXHIBITION OF THE TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER ASYA MISHEVA We are proud to present the new exhibition at MoMa Restaurant. In the coming months, we will look at the world through the eyes of Ralitsa Dencheva, one of the most gentle contemporary authors. The deep roots of tradition and folklore, which have preserved spiritual purity, beauty and […]

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Russian violinist Maxim Vengerov

участие на Максим Вангеров

The world-famous Russian violinist Maxim Vengerov is a guest at the MoMa restaurant Световноизвестният руски цигулар Максим Венгеров, който откри Европейския музикален фестивал в София, беше почетен гост в елитния етно ресторант МоМа в столицата. Заедно със съпругата си Олга Грингхолц, която е изкуствовед, и колегите си музиканти от Софийската филхармония и организаторите Cantus Firmus, […]

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