Moma Restaurant

Exhibition of Asya Misheva at Moma Restaurant

изложба Мома

фотографска изложба


We are proud and extremely excited to invite you to the exhibition “Bulgaria in the heart” – a beautiful expression of love, respect and humility before the boundless beauty of Bulgarian nature. Between March 3 and April 3, at the MoMa Restaurant, we will climb above the clouds, in the Balkans, where we will witness a breathtaking story, the work of the author Asya Misheva. There, high in the mountains, you will meet the images of the Bulgarian maiden – tender, fighting, unshakable and the image of nature, our wealth, which we must protect and by preserving it – to survive! Since 2014, landscape photography is, as it were, the natural extension of Asya’s love for her native mountains. Art, through the creation of frames, which takes the traditional Bulgarian costume to places close to the essence of man – namely nature. It is also the reason for us to witness this remarkable photo-narrative, bearing within itself the idea of ​​the elevation of the human spirit, relying on traditions, unyielding to time. On March 3 from 5:00 p.m. the official opening of the exhibition will take place. Invite friends, share, feel “Bulgaria in the heart”